This amber is MUCH MORE RARE than the plastic imitations

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And Orson didn't play it like Hearst

Peter Bogdanovich

This is the man who, according to the Los Angeles Times, cheap canada goose sported $323 blue leather clogs in court just prior to filing canada goose factory outlet bankruptcy in 1997. The man who married (and later divorced) his lover Dorothy Stratten's half sister Louise several years after Stratten was brutally murdered by her jealous husband. The man who stole Truffaut's shtick by going from film scribe to filmmaker, and so on.

Even if some critics hailed uk canada goose outlet early flicks like "The Last Picture Show" and "Paper Moon," by the early '80s most seemed to agree with John Simon's acerbic assessment that Bogdanovich's "entire filmmaking prowess is not much more than a mnemonic feat." Whatever; in person, the 62 year old is thoroughly charming, and lacks the pretense so often ascribed to him by caricaturists. Can a guy who schleps his own water around with him in a tote bag be all bad?Moreover, his latest picture, "The Cat's Meow," is an cheap canada goose elegant, entertaining little film detailing the famously puzzling 1924 cruise aboard William Randolph Hearst's yacht, the Oneida; just a few days after, one of the passengers died mysteriously. Among those who were onboard: Hearst (Edward Herrmann); his paramour Marion buy canada goose jacket Davies (Kirsten Dunst); her aspiring paramour Charlie Chaplin (Eddie Izzard); and the fly in the ointment, conniving producer Thomas Ince (Cary Elwes). Gossip maven Louella Parsons (Jennifer Tilly) and novelist Elinor Glyn (Joanna Lumley) round out the ship's canada goose black friday sale manifest. And Bogdanovich plays them all like a sly maestro. "Citizen Kane" it ain't, but it's fun to watch. Give the devil his due.

Do you think your old friend Orson Welles would have liked the film?

I hope so. I certainly felt his spirit around when we made it, watching. I don't know about guiding me, but I think he was on our side. He was the one who told me the story in the first place. He told it to me over 30 years ago canada goose black friday sale as canada goose outlet toronto factory an example of how different Hearst was from Charles Foster Kane. The general misunderstanding about "Citizen Kane" is that it was supposed to be about Hearst, but it wasn't.

Charles Foster Kane was a composite character based on three or four press lords including a famous one in Chicago named McCormick, who built the Chicago Opera House for his girlfriend, who was a singer. That whole aspect of Kane had nothing to do with Hearst. And Orson didn't play it like Hearst. Hearst was a kind of pear shaped fellow who had a high voice and whose hair fell down over his forehead. He looked a lot like Edward Herrmann, but not as handsome.

How did Mr. Welles come to tell you the story?

I was interviewing him for the book we did, "This Is Orson Welles," but we didn't use it in the book because at the time, it seemed cheap canada goose uk a bit incendiary. I talked to Charlie Lederer a few years later and he confirmed it. Charlie had known it since he was 12. That's about how old he was when it happened.

Yes, it goose outlet canada was ironic. I don't know if I would have read it with as much interest if Orson hadn't told me. I often don't read scripts that are sent to me, I have someone read them for me. This one I read on my own. I saw these characters in it and I thought, "My God, it's that story." So I owe it to Orson. If it hadn't been official canada goose outlet for him, I might not have done it.

Your Hearst seems rather likable in canada goose outlet in usa some ways.

Actually, he's pretty ruthless. But he's human. It's the humanity, I think, that makes canada goose store you understand him. When you understand someone, it's hard to hate them. If you get to know anybody, I suppose, you discover that people are good and bad and all the shades in between. I think we're in a more cynical era than ever before, and I think that the audience for movies, for example, has been somewhat debased and brutalized by the enormous amount of violence and slaughter on the screen. You sort of say, "Well, 30 people just got killed, so what's next?" Having been, I'm afraid, part of a murder, when Dorothy Stratten was murdered, I can tell you that one murder reverberates for the rest of the life of the people who were close to that person. That's one of the things about this picture, it's about a murder that changes everything. One murder. Not three, not 10 one. On the other hand, you take any individual out of that audience and have them exposed to the murder of someone they care about, they won't be desensitized. We're only desensitized to the spectacle of it.

Did Ms. Stratten's death change the way you look at violence?

I think it's everybody's personal responsibility. Filmmakers have a responsibility to the canada goose outlet canada canada goose audience and to the Canada Goose Parka work, and I wish they felt that responsibility more, especially to what's true in life. The tragic events of September brought knowledge of premeditated murder to an awful lot of people who didn't know about it.

I watched those people on TV afterwards, and it broke my heart. I knew where they were coming from. And I knew they were in for a life of it. canada goose outlet online They canada goose outlet uk talk about closure and getting past it Christ, it doesn't ever happen that way. These poor people on television a week later talking about it, thinking that they're dealing with it. You know, it's a truism for people who've been through this that the fifth year is the worst. It happened to me. For some reason after five years, it's like it's just happened again. It's also something you don't recover from, you learn to live with. You don't get canada goose outlet shop past it, canada goose outlet sale you learn to move on with it cheap Canada Goose as part of your life.