"I'm not going to tell you a list of how many employees or let

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cash advance online About 2 cups of popcorn, a small package of candy, and a small beverage are fine for a treat at the movies. At AMC Movie Theatres, a kid size popcorn without butter has about 300 calories and 20 g of fat. (The buttered version of the kid's size adds 170 calories and 17 g of fat.). cash advance online

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The Lakeland based supermarket chain sells only Boar's Head in addition to its house brand lunch meat from its delis, where it prominently displays Boar's Head products in meat cases.But while Publix is trumpeting the Boar's Head name, the deli company and its executives go out of their way to shun the spotlight.Boar's Head guards basic information about its operations as fiercely as it protects its brand name.The chirping of crickets is almost audible when the Boar's Head marketing director hears the words "company profile.""We don't encourage this kind of coverage," spokeswoman RuthAnn LaMore told the Herald Tribune. "We're a unique company when it comes to PR: We don't do any."I'm not going to tell you a list of how many employees or let you know who the owners are or where our facilities are outside of Sarasota."LaMore only concedes a few facts: Two of the three company owners live in Southwest Florida year round, with the third in New York. Boar's Head employs about 70 people in Sarasota for sales, marketing, finance and technology functions.

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